Chin Reduction Techniques

By Peter Brownrigg on October 14, 2012

Chin Reduction TechniquesMany people take for granted how certain facial features can affect your overall appearance. Eyelids that droop or sag, for example, can leave you looking tired, prematurely old, or concerned. The same goes for major wrinkles on the forehead. But have you ever thought about how the chin affects overall appearance? Having a chin that is too prominent or asymmetrical can greatly alter your looks. It's for that reason that meeting with an Ottawa plastic surgeon can make a major impact, because there are various surgeries that can alter the appearance of the chin area.

About Chin Reduction Surgery

A chin reduction surgery is a procedure that helps reshape the chin. It's often performed on people who have chins that are very prominent. Having a very prominent chin can throw off the prominence of your other facial features in ways you may not realize. During your consultation with an Ottawa facial cosmetic surgeon, these matters can be discussed in greater detail.

The Chin Reduction Procedure

During the chin reduction procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth at the nook where the lower lip meets the base of the teeth and gums. Through this incision, a surgeon is able to remove bone structure from the chin. Careful bone shaving and bone reshaping will take place. Once completed, the incision is sutured shut.

Chin Augmentation and Implants

Another chin reshaping option to consider is chin augmentation. This is for people who have chins that are not prominent enough. (Having a better-shaped and more prominent chin can be an alternative to undergoing an Ottawa rhinoplasty.)

It's performed in a similar manner to a chin reduction, though it usually involves a facial implant being placed through the incision inside of the lower lip. Reshaping and shaving of the bone is performed as needed. Once the recontouring has been achieved, sutures are placed.

Neck Lift and Lower Facelift Surgery

Sometimes the bone structure is not an issue that affects the shape or the prominence of the chin. Sometimes it's an issue with the jowls and the neckline. In such cases, bone will not have to be reshaped but instead the soft tissue will need to be revised.

One such alternative to the traditional chin reduction surgery is neck lift surgery. A neck lift is a facial contouring surgery that removes loose skin from the neckline. It's like a facelift that targets a different part of the face. This is an ideal option for people who have double chins. By removing excess fat or loose skin from the neckline, people can look younger and enhance the contour of their chin in the process.

Similarly, a lower facelift can have a positive effect. A lower facelift will involve the removal of excess skin and fat from the jowls and cheeks. This will help improve overall facial proportion. During your consultation with our team, we will be able to go over all of your treatment options in greater detail so you can enhance the overall appearance of your face.

Learn More About Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

For more information about all of your options for facial plastic surgery, be sure to contact our Ottawa cosmetic plastic surgery centre today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and discussing all of your options for aesthetic enhancement in more detail. We look forward to your visit.

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