Popular Facial Procedures for Seniors

By Peter Brownrigg on May 22, 2012

facelift, eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, neck liftAs people get older, their body goes through a number of changes. Loose skin, sagging, and wrinkling are all common things that you can expect. There is something you can do about that, however. More and more people in advanced age are meeting with an Ottawa plastic surgeon in order to reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkling, allowing them to look much younger and more rejuvenated in the process.

Seniors have a number of different options to consider for these anti-aging options, especially when it comes to the face. Let’s do a rundown of the most popular facial plastic surgery options for seniors and why they may consider such surgeries.

Facelift for Seniors

As you get older, there tends to be more wrinkles around the eye area and cheekbone area. This is common given how much activity there is from the muscles and skin around that part of the face. In order to tighten that skin and look rejuvenated, there is the facelift. It is the ideal facial cosmetic surgery option for the middle portion of the face.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Seniors

Time has a way of causing your upper eyelids to droop, sag, or hang. It can also cause deep hollows or excessive puffiness beneath your eyes. To deal with sagging eyelids or bagginess beneath the eyelids, there is Ottawa eyelid surgery. This will help restore the appearance of the upper or lower eyelids, leaving you looking younger and more refreshed in the process.

Forehead Lift / Brow Lift for Seniors

The forehead area can develop some very deep lines and wrinkles. These furrows can leave a person looking tired, worried, or concerned even when they are none of these things. That’s why a forehead lift / brow lift is so helpful. By tightening the skin of the forehead area, you can look your best and more refreshed.

Neck Lift for Seniors

It’s not uncommon for the skin around the neckline to sag over time. If the skin sags too much, however, it can look quite unsightly. That’s why more and more seniors have begun to visit a cosmetic surgeon in Ottawa in order to undergo a neck lift surgery. This will tighten the skin around the neck and eliminate that appearance of a wattle.

Lower Facelift for Seniors

The jowls can become very pronounced as you grow older and skin continues to sag. That’s why a lower facelift is a key option to consider. This surgery will help reduce the appearance of your jowls and restore vibrancy to your smile, enhancing the overall appearance and contour of your face by doing so.

Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery

For more information about facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and other options for facial rejuvenation, contact our Ottawa cosmetic surgery center today. Our entire team looks forward to discussing all of your surgical options in greater detail. We’d also be more than happy to go over your non-surgical options so you have a good understanding of all procedures that may help you meet your aesthetic goals.

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